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Tap Water Filter + 1 Cartridge. H2O Taps

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Choose the pack: Water filter + Cartridge to have filtered water for the next 3 months. Very easy to install and without the need of a plumber. Compatible with most taps. Ask for information without obligation.

Good Tasting & Healthy Tap Water at Home

💧EASY INSTALLATION: The H2o Taps water filter is suitable for the vast majority of faucets and sinks thanks to its 360 degree rotation. Out filter is easy to install and use since it has a switch that allows you to switch from the tap's direct water to the water filtered by the mechanism in a very simple way.

💧STAINLESS STEEL 304 FOOD GRADE: Our stainless steel water filter allows a long lasting performance against ABS plastic tap filters and prevents breakage, deformation or any type of corrosion. It is not toxic, no risk or leakage. Environmentally Friendly. Once you try the stainless filter you'll notice the difference right away.

💧SAVING AND EFFICIENCY: Our filters for faucets will allow you to increase your savings at home. Changing water bottles for a filter for taps will make you save up to 300 euros per year. In addition, you will contribute to the improvement of the environment since you will reduce your consumption of plastic.

💧CUTTING-EDGE FILTER: H2o Taps Water Filters use state-of-the-art technology to obtain the highest quality. It can be used during 3 months. Characteristics: Filtration flow 6l / min. Suitable for kitchen and bathroom faucets.

💧HEALTH AND SAFETY EFFECT: Water filtration provides an optimal and odorless taste when drinking water at home. Quality water as the filter eliminates chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and contaminating bacteria. Unlike other filtration systems, this system does not produce wastewater, which makes them cheaper to use and more environmentally friendly.

Please make sure the compatibility of the system with YOUR TAP - If you are not sure you can send us photos of your faucet by Email or Whatsapp.

★ Customized Replacement Cartridge - The pack includes 1 H2o Taps filter

Made of 304 Stainless Steel Food Grade:
The stainless steel water filter allows a long-lasting performance compared to ABS plastic water filters since you will avoid breakage, deformation and corrosion.

★ Filter cycles:
Unlike other filtration systems, faucet filters do not produce wastewater.
Features: Filtration flow 6L / min

★ Water Filtration System Specifications:
- Allow water to pass through the filter for 2 minutes the first time you use it to eliminate the existence of residual impurities.
- DO NOT use hot water through the filter, this will damage it and make it lose effectiveness.
- It is recommended to change the filter on a regular basis (between 3-6 months). The duration of the replacement filter will depend on the quality of the water and its consumption.

★ Easy installation filter:
The H2O TAPS tap filter is suitable for the vast majority of faucets and sinks thanks to its 360 degree rotation. The switch allows to change from the tap water to the filtered water by the mechanism easily.

★ Shipping content
1 x H2o Taps stainless steel water filter
1x H2o Taps activated carbon filter 3 stages
1 x user manual
3 x adapters
Size: 106 * 60 * 125mm
- Weight: 0.6kg
-Flow rate: 6L / min

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  • Can I install it myself?

    Yes, our filter installation system is so easy that you don't need a plumber or specialist. Its screw mechanism is universal and so simple that it only takes a few minutes to start enjoying the water in a different way.
  • Are the filters only for drinking water?

    The water you consume and cook with must always have the best filtering conditions, however, it is not the only one that must be treated. In this sense, you can also find a model of shower head that purifies the water of the shower.
  • Do I need to dismantle the filter to use the tap water?

    Of course not! With our filter you can decide which water to use very easily thanks to its shift lever. Enjoy filtered water or water directly from the tap as you need it and without wasting time.
  • Why are drinking water filters better than bottled water?

    Drinking and using filtered water at home is much more beneficial than you think. Not only do you save on your annual bottled water bills and the tedious and time-consuming work of constantly transporting bottles of water, you also help to reduce pollution on the planet. H2o Taps filters have a life span per cartridge of much more than a couple of days and do not emit such an aggressive CO2 footprint. They also give you much cleaner and healthier water. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  • How do I know if it is compatible with my tap?

    H2o Taps drinking water filters are compatible with most standard taps. But if you are not sure if it is suitable for your tap, you can send us a picture of it through our contact methods, we will be happy to answer your questions.
  • Is a filter the same as a water purifier?

    There are different types of water filters that, depending on each one, vary in their form and effectiveness when filtering the liquid. In the case of the H2o Taps water purifier, which you can learn more about here, it has a more aggressive water treatment process. However, while it removes harmful agents, it allows you to retain the nutrients and minerals you do need.
  • Do H2o Taps home water filters remove chlorine?

    Thanks to the filtering technology they offer, H2o Taps manages to eliminate more than 99.9% of the chlorine present in tap water. This component is the main cause of bad taste in water, so filtering improves this aspect.
  • Why is it good to buy a shower filter?

    Although you will not drink this water, the harmful agents present in it can damage or mistreat your skin and hair. That's why having an artichoke filter for your H2o Taps shower helps you keep your body healthy.
  • Should I worry about rust on my filter?

    The parts that you will find in the H2o Taps filter are made of stainless steel, especially used to prevent rusting of its parts.
  • Do I need to cancel shipping costs? Can I buy from anywhere?

    We currently work with shipments for all of Europe, so you will be able to enjoy your new filter in no time. As for the shipping costs, for Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany, Holland, Sweden is totally free and for the rest of the European countries, we handle the standard rate of 10 euros.

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Reduce plastic bottle waste. Drinking bottled water generates unnecessary waste. More sustainable.