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H2o Taps refill cartridges - PACK 2

💧 Very easy installation 
💧 Removes pollutants harmful to our health but leaves essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, iodine, zinc
💧 Water filtered for 6 months

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Cartuchos de recambio H2o Taps
Agua pura de buen sabor en casa


El cartucho H2o Taps

💧 We use the most advanced filtration technology that provides precision filtration that improves water taste and removes lead, chlorine, salmonella, pesticides, limescale (depending on the hardness of your water), dirt, sand, rust and organic compounds. Our filtering accuracy es mayor que la de un filtro de cerámica o carbón activo ordinario. Obtendrá una agua filtrada de muy buena calidad con nuestro cartuchos de recambio.

💧 You can see how much you can save by filtering your tap water at home, saving up to 300 euros a year. In addition to the great comfort by no longer carrying plastic bottles you will contribute to the environment by reducing your plastic consumption.

Do your bit for the environment with the H2o Taps tap water filter.



Tips for the correct operation of the tap filter:

→ Let the water pass through the filter for 1 minute during the first use to remove residual impurities, also when replacing the cartridge with a new one.

→ Use the filtered water only with cold water, hot water will damage the cartridge and it will lose its effectiveness.

TDS: A reliable way to measure water quality? It is not for individual use, as this measurement system does not specify the definitive parameters, it only tells you that your water is more or less mineralised depending on the reading. It is a valid system but a high reading (within the recommended range) does not mean that your water is bad.

Your tap water is safe to drink. Many mineral waters have higher TDS levels than your tap water.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) considers these TDS levels:

Less than 300: Excellent

from 300 - 600: Good

600 - 900: Regular

900- 1200: Poor

over 1200: Bad

Conclusion: If your TDS reading is in the recommended range, you don't have to worry. We assure you that our filtration system DOES improve the taste of the water and removes harmful contaminants from the water. Informative article on the subject, click here

Frequently Asked Questions click here

Weight 0,200 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 13 cm

H2o Taps




Activated Carbon

Filter cartridge lifetime

800 litres to 1200 litres (depending on the quality of the tap water)

Max. working pressure

5 bar

Water inlet temperature

4º C a 30º C

Nominal flow rate

5 Litres / Minute ( measured at 3 bar )

Chlorine Reduction