Encourage change of habit to no longer buy plastic bottled water

Let's make a change: don't buy bottled water

Plastic bottles represent one of the largest pollutants on the planet, something that has been happening for years. In fact, with every passing day, the proliferation of this material in the ecosystem continues to spread. This is the main reason why a change of habit is needed in the purchase of plastic packaging, starting with bottled water.  This is one of the most purchased products because it is believed that the liquid it contains is really pure and healthy.

Why is this habit harmful to the planet?

Unfortunately, this custom is destroying all the ecosystems that exist on the planet. In other words, the fauna and flora are not the only living beings affected, there is also a latent contamination of water bodies, such as lakes, rivers and seas.

The consumption of bottled water is the main cause of this disaster, in which the different beverage items contained in containers of the same type also contribute. These, after being consumed, are usually thrown out of the recycling containers, and end up accumulating in the different green areas.

What is the extent of the contaminating impact of plastic?

Sometimes the extent of pollution from plastic in the environment is unknown. And you may decide to seek a countermeasure to your consumption of bottled water, such as buying filters for drinking water.

Following this order of ideas, this material has a very high environmental impact at different levels of the ecosystem. As it takes many years to decompose, it can cause damage to soil, air and water.

In fact, the aquatic antibodies are the most affected in this area, mostly because of the existence of rubbish islands, which are spread all over the world. These places are used to throw away all the plastic and waste that people throw away every day. As a result, these are washed away during tidal changes to different coasts or are scattered in the sea. More information about plastic pollution here: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polucin_por_plstico target="_self">here.

The importance of implementing a change of habit in the future

Sometimes, recycling those plastic products is not enough to stop pollution in the ecosystem. That is, it would be necessary to stop consuming it completely.

This is because the very process by which polymers are produced is itself a pollutant. Continuing with this manufacture would lead to increased environmental degradation and therefore the most effective approach would be to stop consuming bottled water or similar products.

Bottled water, the poison of the 21st century

Bottled products not only make a dent in the environment, they can also be really harmful to your health. Taking water in plastic as a prime example, a liquid that, at first glance, may seem really pure and healthy.

But, the truth is, it's just the opposite. In other words, within its composition, it includes certain agents that in the long run can do a lot of damage to your body, such as Bisphenol A, which is responsible for many health problems.

If it is not bottled water, what other drinking alternatives are there?

There are many ways to replace the consumption of bottled water, the most efficient being the water purification filter. These household utensils manage to clean the tap water in a really effective way.

This, thanks to the fact that they work with filters or cartridges with activated carbon, which manage to purify the water up to 95%, being this value the minimum.

In addition, they are a really economical alternative to the habit of buying bottled water, and there are several types of filters, so you will find the best one for your home. A product that can also be placed very easily on any standard tap in your home to achieve the potability you need.

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