What are the types of water filters that exist and what are they for?

Tipos de filtros de agua: todo lo que necesitas saber

The incorporation of tap water filter in your home is not only a decision that helps make water consumption more hygienic and beneficial to the health of your family, but its use brings many extra benefits.  

Types of water filters on the market

Activated carbon filters:

This type of filter works by absorbing the polluting particles que pueda tener el agua mediante un sistema de adhesión al carbón. Son capaces de atrapar muchas moléculas del agua que deseamos evitar el consumo, aunque no eliminan algunas sustancias químicas como el arsénico, nitratos, fluoruros, entre otras. Sin embargo, existen los que eliminan mercurio, plomo y otro tipo de sustancias. Los Activated carbon filters: have two varieties: Activated carbon blocks: activated carbon blocks, which are usually more efficient, or granulated activated carbon. In addition, they are often used as a complement to other devices providing extra filtration. It is recommended to use them together with other technologies specialised in the elimination of viruses and bacteria.

Reverse osmosis filters:

These semi-permeable filters work by means of membranes with micropores that help to retain and block the passage of big impurities que pueden estar en el agua y son nocivas para la salud. Suele ser el complemento perfecto para los filtros de carbón activado. Los Reverse osmosis filters: while they help to provide better quality water, they are often resource-intensive filters that can waste large amounts of water. For this reason it is advisable to choose one with high quality membranes and use it only when using water for drinking or cooking.

Ultraviolet light filters:

Through a light of ultraviolet rays, this filter works through the water and in this way manages to eliminate many of the microorganisms and bacteria. However, it is not useful if the aim is to remove solid particles or other substances that are pollutants. For this reason it is recommended to use it as a complementary device to other filters.

Ozone filters:

They work through a system that gives you a chemical water treatment, this transforms the oxygen molecules in the water, causing the water to oxidise. This causes the action of viruses and bacteria to be stopped, becoming a very useful type of filter for eradicating all types of microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. However, the ozone filter is not effective in eliminating the chemical elements that the water has and that can be harmful.

Ceramic filters:

This method of water filtration works by a ceramic device that is easily applied to any filter, the water is a source of energy, retaining those particles in the water that can be harmful to health. It helps to eliminate microorganisms and some particles, but it does not serve to eliminate the chemical components of the water. One of its great advantages is its duration: this type of filter can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance, which guarantees long-term water care. ¿Quieres saber más sobre los tipos de filtros de agua? From H2o Taps we invite you to ask for more information about our models, we will advise you on everything and indicate which would be the most suitable for your situation.

Motivos para comprar filtros

There are several reasons for which one decides to buy a water filter. Although tap water is usually of an approved quality for human consumption, it can sometimes carry all kinds of sediments, microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and other substances that can be toxic such as chlorine. Pero además contribuye positivamente en otros aspectos. Dejar de comprar el agua embotellada disminuye el consumo de plásticos, siendo esto una grandísima elección en un momento histórico clave, de forma que sirva para comenzar a incluir en nuestra vida cotidiana prácticas más saludables para el planeta. En cuanto a los economic factors, in addition to the fact that bottled water consumption is not only an excess of plastics, it also means that you have to spend a budget every week in supermarkets. When comprar un filtro, this money will become a long term investment and you will be able to consume purified water of excellent quality.

Encuentra en H2o Taps el tipo de filtro perfecto para ti

The tap water filter funcionan a partir de un sistema de retención de todas estas sustancias que suelen ser invisibles pero que pueden afectar la salud de quienes las consumen. Tras conocer los tipos de filtros de agua que existen y los motivos para su compra, ¿estás interesado es saber todavía más sobre ello? Pregúntanos sin compromiso, resolveremos todas tus dudas.