Tap water filters: What it is and its benefits.

Tap Water Filter

From H2o Taps we want to talk to you about the tap water filter, we would like to inform you about their functionality and the benefits and advantages they can bring to your daily health and wellbeing.

What is a water filter?

A Water filter is a device based on purification technologies for human consumption for improve the quality of tap water. Although national aqueducts are subject to strict controls, impurities and contaminants can accumulate inside domestic pipes, altering the taste and quality of water flowing from the tap. In this article, we will tell you more about tap water filter and we will also tell you about their benefits.

Why is it advisable to use a water filter?

We can say that the use of a water filter is always recommended, because in addition to providing great benefits, it improves the quality and purity of water.

Sometimes the water that comes from the tap contains a excessive presence of crystallised mineral sediments (like limestone and iron) that make the water hard or ferruginous. And on other occasions, it is caused by errors in the installation of the internal piping in our homes. For these reasons and many others, we must ensure that the water we consume is in the best condition, so that our health is not affected after consumption. This is possible by installing a water filter in the home.

Benefits of tap water filters

After knowing what a water filter is and why its use is recommended, we will briefly tell you what the main benefits of these systems are:

1. Installation is easy and quick.
2. You will get a much higher level of purity in the water.
3. Improve your gastrointestinal health
4. All bacteria that could remain in the water, or due to the condition of the pipes, are eliminated.
5. You will save money and do your bit for the environment by reducing plastic consumption.
6. You can have a water filter in the shower, improving the quality of the water and taking care of your hair and body.
7. Maintenance is very simple.

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Install a domestic water filter and benefit from its advantages

City dwellers are used to buy eco-friendly plastic bottles to guarantee their families a healthy drink. This dynamic, which is becoming increasingly widespread, causes a increased expenditure of each family, which, despite this, is involved in unsustainable consumption, even at an environmental level. In this case, we answer one of the questions in this article: What is a water filter for?

There is a solution for to solve the problem of the household water quality and at the same time meet the need to reduce the costs associated with buying so many packs of water each week, and that is, installing a household water filter.

The technology and the greater attention to the health of the members of the family, has allowed to emphasize in the market the benefits that the drinking water filters contribute. This allows families to acquire, with knowledge, a real product that improves the quality of water and, in turn, allows considerable economic savings.

A "must" in every home, for optimal protection and water purity. Maximum hygiene in the drinking water system is essential for a healthy life, use a water filter will make your water supply purer.

La solución para filtrar el agua de su grifo

Nuestros tap water filter son de muy buena calidad y pensamos en la necesidad de nuestros compradores, y en lo satisfechos que deberían sentirse al usar nuestros filtros. Por esa razón, si vive en la Costa del Sol, nos acercamos a su hogar para instalar el filtro en su grifo gratuitamente, desde Málaga a Estepona y el valle del Guadalhorce. 

Other advantages of using a tap water filter

Actually, tap water filters, also known as water purifiers, have some advantages beyond the benefits towards our health.

Firstly, it is true that the consumption of water bottles is reduced and less waste is produced. Especially if you choose to install the system under the sink, instead of the carafe, where you have to change the filter periodically. In addition, they lighten the impact on our pockets a little, while allowing for economic savings on water bottles.

In addition, another great advantage can be found in those areas where the clean water running through the groundwater risks becoming contaminated, either for environmental reasons or due to human activity. There is also the problem of contamination by perfluoroalkyl substances, which are widely used in cleaning products, agricultural products and other industrial products. And in some areas there is the same problem with arsenic. In these cases, using a tap water filter is an excellent choice.

And, finally, you could live in a condo where the pipes are old and the water coming out of the tap is not 100% safe. The extra filtration offered by the water filters we offer from H2o Taps is a better protection for your health.

At H2o Taps we offer our customers tap water filters with healthy and economic benefits you have previously discovered. Moreover, our products are manufactured with high quality raw materials and are adapted to the market requirements. We offer high quality water filters at an incredible price.

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