Drinking water filters: The most economical option

Drinking water filters, the best choice

When it comes to what's best for your family, there's nothing like having drinking water filters at home. However, their advantages are not limited to the area of health, they are also much more economical than other options.

Yes, it may seem to you that buying bottled water is less expensive, but you have to pay for it constantly, every time you buy a few litres, or less. With drinking water filters, on the other hand, you only have to make one purchase and then only make small changes.

A great investment for your life

We often get carried away and buywhatever appears to be cheaper at the time. Well, if you compare the price of a bottle of drinking water and a purifier, of course the former will seem cheaper.

But, surely you don't use a bottle a day, do you, and if you have a family, even less. So what happens when you take into account all the bottled water consumed in your household for 3 months? The count would be totally overwhelming.

Much more expensive than it would cost to run a water purifier for those three months, which is the lifetime of the H2o Taps filters.

That said, according to research, Spaniards have an average daily drinking water consumption of 1.5 litres. With an estimated value of 0.31 euros for that amount.

However, this is not the only use of drinking water, as it is also recommended for cooking and other household activities. Thus, the figure increases considerably, especially if there are several people in the same household.

On the other hand, the benefits of water filters include an annual saving of up to 300 euros on this important element.

Therefore, short-, medium- and long-term home water filters are abetter option for obtaining this liquid. And not only because they represent a much more economical choice, but also because they are healthier and more convenient.

How can I get a filter for drinking water?

While simply changing habits and going away from bottled water can save you a lot of money, there are also other ways to save money in this area.

For example, deciding to buy a pack with a larger number of cartridges is usually much more profitable and the prices tend to be lower. In addition, you can be a little more carefree in this regard.

At H2o Taps we are committed to your health and to making the planet a better place by stopping the use of polluting water bottles.

Are drinking water filters only economical for me?

Although bottled water is one of the most common practices, not many people are aware of the true impact of the processes necessary to obtain it.

And not only in terms of environmental pollution and agents that adhere to water. The generation, marketing and recycling of packaging represents an ongoing investment.

Por el contrario, con los drinking water filters solo debes hacer una adquisición por cada toma que desees purificar. Luego de esto, solo deberás reemplazar el cartucho cada tres meses, es decir, 4 veces al año.

This is a much smaller sum compared to the amount of containers you throw away when using bottled water. Also, don't forget that activated carbon is a component of organic origin which, unlike plastic and its derivatives, tends to degrade in a shorter time.