Tap water or bottled water - which is better?

There comes a time in our lives when we ask ourselves... Which water is less harmful: tap water or bottled water? A totally valid question, since our hydration routine may be subject to these two elements if we have no other means. In this article, you will be able to evaluate both alternatives [...]

In this article you will be able to evaluate both alternatives and determine which is likely to have the greatest impact on you and how to deal with it.

Why is it important to know the purity level of your water sources?

Drinking water is one of thefundamental needs of the human body, as it is known that a person can barely last a few days without it.  But what happens when this substance that you ingest is not entirely healthy? It will reach every corner of your body and, in the long run, can cause illness.

Bottled water and tap water are the most common sources of hydration and there are many myths about both. Disproving or reaffirming these assumptions is important in order to know what type of liquid we are drinking.

Finally, knowing this purity level will help you to take action to take care of your health, for example, if you use tap water, install a water purifier in it.

Tap water VS bottled water - Comparison

The difference between these two sources of hydration is appreciable, however, it is still not entirely clear whether a good grade of drinking water can be obtained from them. Consequently, in this post you will learn a point of view about each of them.

Is tap water really feasible?

Mainly from the point of view of intakes or taps, it is difficult to know where this liquid that you sometimes ingest comes from.

Despite the fact that information about where this liquid comes from is public in most cities in Spain, one may have doubts about where it comes from. Even more so, about the type of treaty they have.

However, it is true that this substance is handled with total propriety, to provide an acceptable level of cleanliness for the general population. However, it is possible to increase the purity level much further by using other means, such as drinking water filters that work with activated carbon.

In addition, it is often cheaper to consume tap water, as it comes from natural sources, where water is plentiful.

Is it true what they say about bottled water?

Bottled water is another of the alternatives most commonly used by people to hydrate themselves or bring drinking water into their homes. But how pure is this liquid that most people drink?

This is a question that has arisen in recent years. Consequently, many research centres have devoted their efforts to validate this information, some of which have even shown the presence of Bisphenol A in their composition.

On the other hand, it is known that the cost of consuming bottled water is much higher. This is due to the fact that these containers are for single use only, i.e. it is not advisable to refill them with drinking water.

Otherwise, you would be subject to a proliferation of microorganisms inside the bottle. In addition, if the liquid you use to fill the bottle contains chlorine, it can cause a chemical reaction that releases compounds from the plastic into the water.

What should I choose?

Despite what many may think, tap water is much healthier than drinking it from the bottle. But even if you're not convinced of its purity, you can always buy tap water filters and install them in your household taps to ensure this.